A branch community from Dragonspam and Dragonspam2

Dragonspam 2

A branch community from Dragonspam and Dragonspam2
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A community for posting pixel pets stolen from the Dragon Cave
This community is in no way affiliated with http://dragcave.net/ -- it is an unofficial community.

We are, however, affiliated with the following:

dragonbrood: The place to go if you want to arrange egg trading!

dragon_er: For helping hatchlings & eggs in the final throws of death survive! [1 Day or less]

dragonsitters: Going away for a day or longer? Don't have NET access where you are going? Go here and hope for a sitter.

NOTE: Posting in dragonsitters is no guarantee that your eggs will be sat. please also try Egg/Hatchling Sitters

Here's another site for dragons with less than 3 days that's easy to use!! Give them both a try for double the results!
Visit The Dragon Cave Fansite!

Addicted to eggs from Dragcave but afraid your friends list is tired of you posting eggs and hatchlings and begging for clicks? Then you've come to the right place. Here you can post eggs and hatchlings to get the views and clicks you need, without annoying the hell out of your friends.

Membership is by approval only, you will be added if you have all of the following.
~ You must have entries in your journal.
~ You have to have a bio in your profile.
~ You must have your account set up so that we can contact you.
~ You must have an e-mail address or IM contact information on your profile.

~ You can not already be a member of dragonspam or dragonspam2.

We need to be able to contact you in some way, or at least be able to see that you can read (and therefore understand the community rules). Please read the rules before deciding to join the community. If you have questions as to why you're being denied membership, either correct the issues listed above or, if you don't wish to, contact a mod and we'll get it straightened out.

There are reports of people changing the codes of their eggs and hatchlings to redirect to a site other than DragCave. People have had viruses downloaded onto their computers from these sites. For your own safety, PLEASE hover over eggs and hatchlings before clicking them to make sure they link to DragCave. We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens if you click a non-DragCave link. However, we mods are responsible for dealing with people who change the codes. If you notice anyone who has done this, report them immediately. This kind of behavior is absolutely not tolerated.
Anyone who changes the codes of their dragons to go to a site other than DragCave, whether or not that site downloads malicious items onto people's computers, will be banned immediately, and will be reported to both LiveJournal and DragCave staff.

1. ONLY ONE POST PER DAY. Yes, the name of the community is Dragonspam3, but we don't really WANT you to spam. This means one post per (roughly) 24 hours. If you're a couple hours early that's fine, but you can't post at, say, 11 PM and then a second time an hour later at 12 because it's a "new day". You are, however, free to edit previous posts to add more eggs to 'em.
2. PUT ALL SPRITES BEHIND AN LJ-CUT This includes eggs, hatchlings, and 'egg incubators'. Having a page filled with sprites from a site that slows down every hour on the hour would end up having lots and lots of lag. Don't know how to make an lj-cut? Read the FAQ.
3. If you wish to show off your adult dragons, please post a link to your scroll. Do not post your adults along with your eggs and hatchlings, this makes clicking harder.

4. This should go without saying, but if you post eggs and hatchlings here to get clicks and views, you should click and view others' dragons too.
5. You may not post your scrolls, eggs, hatchlings, or links to your post containing these items in comments to other people's entries.
6. If a post to the community shows a remarkable lack of reading comprehension (ie, violates these rules), it'll probably get deleted. That's just the way it goes.
7. Only Dragcave eggs may be posted. This is not the place for sprites from other sites.
8. Please do not swear. There may be young kids posting their eggs here, so any posts or comments with swearing will be deleted.
9. Members are expected to read and familiarize themselves with dragoncave rules and terms of service. http://dragcave.net/terms
10. If you have an issue with the Mod, DEAL WITH IT. Even if it takes an angry letter or nasty words. Its life we can take it.

Hint: Use HTML mode when making an entry, not RichText!
Hint 2: Don't try to post using BBCode. Only HTML will work.

This Community is a branch community made to take some of the number pressure off of DS.

dragonspam3 created by ko0ties

Moderators of dragonspam3 include ko0ties,